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07 February 2017

Winter Cutworm activity in the Lebanon Area

Del Voight - Penn State Extension
I was passing through the Master Gardner office and noticed that they were inspecting this pest on turf.  Unusual to see active cutworms and snow at the same time.  I took these images and sent to Dr Tooker where he I.D them as Winter Cutworm Noctua Pronuba or yellow underwing.  These were found in the turf area. However they can inflict damage to rye, pastures and other winter growing crops so be on the look out.  There are a number of entomologic sources online to assist in the background of the pest.  If there are 6 to 8 larvae per foot it would pay to spray depending on size. These were rather large and will likely transition to the adult stage and mate and start the process over so keep this in mind.

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