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23 August 2016

Brown Stem Rot- Case Study

Del Voight Penn State Extension
Street View of problem area

Visible Leaf Disease narrowing diagnosis down to Brown Stem and or Sudden Death

Initial Walk in view of problem area

Root area to pull infected plants and begin to cut stems in two to differentiate between BSR and SDS

Cut Stems with the initial browning of the stem will check field in a week to see if more distinct stem browning occurs. No presence of the bluish fuiting bodies of SDS at this point leaning to BSR

Update Checked field 2 weeks after initial call and found fruiting bodies on roots and the stem remained water soaked in appearance.  This now confirms SDS and management for future soybean crops should consider this disease.

Note the bluish fruiting bodies

Note the absence of brown stem more water soaked appearance with SDS.

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  1. I checked the field a week later and the stem is discolored indicating it is brown stem rot.