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15 May 2014

May 21 Lebanon Area Crop Walk and Update on Seasonal Status

Del Voight- Penn State Extension
You are invited to attend an informal Crop discussion that will be located at the Burnin Bushels Farm owner Darren Grumbine located off just north of the interechange of 322 and Mt Pleasant Road near Fontana.  Arriving at Mount Pleasant Road travel north to the first farm on left(west).
We will start the day at 10am and conclude by noon.  The key discussion points will be to form groups and assess stand establishment.  Groups will enter the field and record the deviation of stand for corn and soybeans.  Once data is collected it will be entered into a simply calculator to assess the dollars lost due to any singulation issues. As we see any root disease and or above ground pests we will identify and discuss management strategies.
John Bray will be discussing key herbicide program strategies given the recent weather conditions. We will finish the morning discussing the heat development in terms of cropping decisions from here on out. Lastly a nitrogen status report will be discussed on key technologies to assess N and either apply additional or not put any on depending on field history and weather conditions.

Please let us know your intent on attending by call 717 270 -4391.

See you there.

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