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12 May 2014

Lebanon Farmer Crop Update

 The wave of work to be done is being hampered by the impending rains.  I was in rye this morning that is at boot stage and should be harvested today. I talked to a producer that will not mow it until he sees at least 3 days of no rain in the forecast.  
Also, walked some alfalfa fields that are at or near bud stage.  Heat units to date for alfalfa are nearing 700 and that indicates ideal NDF levels. While in the field I noted pretty uniform weevil damage however the weevils are very small perhaps instar 1 or 2. I advised to hold off on any  control measures and begin harvesting alfalfa and checking regrowth for both weevil, leaf hopper and aphids.  
Corn is out of the ground in many fields that were planted a week ago.  Stands appear uniform and are moving toward the first true leaf emergence.  I check my cutworm traps this morning and found lower flights so last weeks high trap captures would indicate the flight date in which to predict peak cutting time. This corn that has emerged will likely have some cutworm pressure in some cases to be checked periodically for the tell tail sign of plants cut at the soil line.  
Barley is expanding the heads out of the sheath and appears not very uniform and as in the case with most to all small grains the internodes have not elongated and are very short in hieght.  
Wheat appears to moving along and fairly even in hieght.  I did not note any heads emerged at this time.    Field conditions remain wet and soggy and with more rain and a push to get crops in I fear we could begin to get into a situation of sidewall compaction with plantings occuring between rainfall events. 

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