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02 October 2013

Palmer Pigweed?

Numerous calls from growers sparked by articles in local media on Palmer Pigweed in Pa.  I picked up a few tips today.
1.  Check the proportion of leaf  petiole to length of leaf....Palmer has a longer leaf stem petiole  than leaf.
2.  Hairs on stem or leaves?  Palmer has no hairs. This is the first give away that you have red root. Most I checked have hairs. Move to next case.
3.  Seed heads soft and bunchy?  palmer is straight up and prickly at seed head. Seed has much longer spikelets than other pig spp
3. Axial buds with  spike? No spikes on Palmer... spiny has spikes at axial. Joint where petiole meets stem.
I had a grower swear he had it. Everything lined up except the spines at the petiole junction with the stem....spiny amaranth. Still took pictures and sent them to Weed specialist.
More to come

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