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22 March 2016

Plant Tissue Testing Winter Wheat to determine fertility needs this spring

Del Voight- Penn State Extension

Several growers are considering more high yield management for the wheat crop. A few growers last season enjoyed 100 bu/acre plus while managing for high yield wheat crops.  The first step is to gain an accurate soil test. The second step is to collect a sample in the spring for plant analysis. The Ag Analytical Lab provides the testing for the results.  Here are the specifics to gather the samples.
Once the plant fully greens up when the weather breaks gather the samples and send them off. This will allow for adequate time to determine a nutrient strategy before peak growth at GS5 Wheat Growth Stage Diagram.

Small grains
Seedling stage (less than 12”...All the above ground 50-100 plants)

Prior to heading The 4 uppermost leaves. 40-50
Sampling after heading not recommended
Once you get the results refer to this site for more specific information on the what is acceptable levels in the plant.
Key nutrient numbers for wheat


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