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17 July 2012

Surface Water Use For Irrigation a Matter of Reporting?

Del Voight - Penn State Extension
I recieved some calls regarding pulling water from the Swatara Creek to irrigate corn and soybean fields.  As a result I call the SRBC Susquehanna River Basin Commission. The surface water contact is Andrew Dehoff 717-238-0423.  They advise growers whom are not Concentrated Animal Operations (CAO)that they may pull up to 100000 gallons of water per day over a 30 day period. This requires written logs of the estimated water being pulled from a surface stream.  If this level is exceeded they must report their use with  the SRBC and gain a permit which is free of charge.  The SRBC also related to me that growers must contact the DEP if they pull more than 10000 gallons of water per day and must get a permit to do this from DEP prior to irrigating.  A CAO will most likely already have a water plan and if irrigation is not included this must be amended into the current water use plan.

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