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19 July 2016

Fall Forage Options for Lebanon Crop Producers

 After discussing some options for the management of forages for this coming fall I put the following chart together to better understand the different options available to growers to perhaps extend the grazing season and or to provide some additional forage for the silo. There are some major differences in the feed quality as indicated by the RFV section of the table.  In talking to some old timers that weathered numerous seasons it appears that Oats comes to the top of the list for many.  A local dairy man related using feed oats planted in August and almost coming to the point he could combine them in late fall.  Realistic expectations might be that they get an additional couple of tons of dry matter.  The table is written in terms of dry matter so as is basis can more than double the yield estimates.There are alot of options and they all cost money to plant and care for.  Be mindful of seeding rates per acre and the relative cost of the seed. Also some of the selections come with extra management to be safe I am thinking of the sorghum sudan and corn with nitrates and concern for Prussic acid. There are some ways to really achieve some high quality forage one just needs to make informed decisions and be timely in seeding and harvest. Most of the information is from Penn State Research on experiment farms but I did get some information from Dr Dan Undersander Wisconsin Extension and also from local farmers experiences. If you need more seeding information Dr. Jessica Williamson and Dr Greg Roth have detailed tables in the Penn State Agronomy Guide.

Fall Crop Planting Date  Harvest Date   Yield T DM/a        Crude Protein                 RFV
Rape          Mid June                  Oct                     2-3                         20-25                   150-250
(S)Turnip Mid June-Aug 1          Oct                      2-3                        20-25                    150-250
Oats              August                  Nov                     1-2                         10-11                  140-150
(S)Barley    August                    Nov                      1-2                          10-11                 110-130
(S)TriticaleAugust                     Nov                      .5-1                         13-14                130-140
(W)Wheat August                   Nov                       .5-1                        12-13                   150-160
Mix     Rye and Oats     August        Nov and May  3-5                       10-13                100-120
Corn                               August    November       1-2                              9-10            95-105
Sorghum/Sudan              Aug            November     1-2                            12-14            90-100

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