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20 July 2012

Early Planted Soybeans move into R3 Growth Stage

This season 2012 is extremely ahead of schedule and growers need to adjust accordingly.
Early Soybeans planted from Late March to Mid April have moved into the R3 Stage of growth and development. This is fully about a month ahead of normal.  For more staging information please visit my early blog on Staging Staging Soybeans.
We have found the most benefit from fungicide applications at this stage of growth.  Later applications tend not to protect yields as much as the earlier timing.  As growers scout fields a keen eye on insect pressure is critical for the inclusion of an insecticide to avoid running the soybeans down a second time. The relative small yield increase of 3-4 bu/acre demands attention to the overall economics.  Refer to my early blog article on sprayer width impacts on soybean yield. It just might pay to have a commercial applicator with wider boom width to apply the product saving yield from less beans run over. Soybean Yield Reduction from Boom width and wheel traffick.
As far as product selection there are many. Here are the numerous fungicides labeled for use in Soybeans.

Fungicide Class
Fungicide Active Ingredient
Headline 2 EC
6 fl oz.
Quadris 2 SC
6-9 fl oz.
Domark 230 ME
4-5 fl oz.
Folicur 3.6 Fz
4 fl oz.
Laredo 2 EC
7-8 fl oz.
Punch ECz
4 fl oz.
Topguard 1.25 SCz
7 fl oz.
Strobilurin + Triazole
Azoxystrobin + Propiconazole
14 fl oz.
Stratego 2 EC
Strobilurin + Triazole
Trifloxystrobin + Propiconazole
7-10 fl oz.
wAlways consult the pesticide label for appropriate rates and timings of application.xData from 5 trials in Indiana, Ohio, Oklahoma, North Dakota, and Mississippi (brown spot); 7 trials in Virginia, Louisiana, and Alabama (Cercospora blight); 8 trials in Louisiana, Mississippi, Virginia, Indiana, and Georgia (frogeye leaf spot); 13 trials in Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama, and Florida (soybean rust).yRating of product efficacy: NR = Not Recommended; F = Fair; G = Good; VG = Very Good; E = Excellent; — = No data.zCurrently, these products have Section 18 Exemptions for soybean rust only. They cannot be used to control a foliar soybean disease other than soybean rust in the state of Nebraska. As of Nov. 10, 2007 Folicur has no Section 18 or Section 3 label in Nebraska and cannot be used for application on soybeans.

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