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31 October 2011

Snowfall hampers Soybean Harvest

Del Voight - Penn State Extension. Photo 10/31/2011
Snowfall hampers Soybean harvest in more ways than one. One can run snow through the combine with beans if it stays below 20 degrees but otherwise it will gum up the machine. Also the addition moisture will aid in the dry matter losses each day. John Yocum retired Extension Agronomist related to me many years ago that it is typical to lose about a pound of dry matter per day that harvest is delayed due to the alternating shrink and swell of the pod which housed the bean inside. This is will also increase harvest loss as the bean pod begin to split during the freeze thaw during the day. Add to this a mechanical head and a reel speed(most growers run it way to fast) and the beating will take out another few bushels. It is really devasting to realize just how much monetory loss these farmers are losing daily with the recent weather.
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