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29 September 2011

Simplified Pasture Management

Del Voight - Penn State Extension
Pasture Management Timeline this is a photo of the year at a glance and when the ideal time for management occurs.

  1. Timeline:
    1. The first year apply one of the following both in the spring and in the fall.
    2. The second year management then only a fall application done before freeze out (October).
    3. Once fertility and over seeding has significantly increased the grass cover then eliminate herbicides until weeds become a problem again. Once weeds are under control then clover can be inter seeded into the sward if desired.
  2. The majority of weeds found in the pasture can be taken care of with the following products under the following scenarios all will not injure grass:
    1. 1st scenario
      1. Primarily small perennials especially dandelions and will injure but not kill clover. Either product alone will provide very broad spectrum control of hundreds of broadleaf plants. By mixing together the two work well together filling in the holes where one will not work the other will. There is no grazing restriction where non meat type or lactating animals are to be grazed.
        1. 2,4-D 2-3 pint per acre….. 2 ounce per gallon of water (1-2% solution)
        2. Use the amine formulation in warm weather and the ester(LV4) in cool weather.
        3. Banvel/Clarity     1 pint per acre……1 ounce per gallon of water (.5-1% solution)
        4. Note: Mix one or both to broaden spectrum and spray.
    2. 2nd Scenario
      1. Multifloral rose, majority of broadleaves will kill clover and may injure grass temporarily. Complete pasture weed control including star of bethleham.
        1. Cimarron .1-.3 ounce per acre…….1 ounce per 100 gallons of water. Do not use where overseeding or renovation may take place in the next year.
        2. Overdrive - Complete program - 4-6 oz/acre
        3. Milestone 4 ounce per acre 1/3 oz per gallon of water plus .1 ounce per acre Cimarron mixed together.
        4. Forefront 1 quart per acre or 2 ounce per gallon of water.

      1. Crossbow- 2-4 quart per acre or .2-4 ounce per gallon of spray(2.5-5% solution) no grazing restriction for non meat animals. use this product if you desire to over seed the next year
  3. Be sure to treat the fencerows and waste places on the farm to prevent re infestation.
  4. If spot treating areas (less than .25 acres) no grazing restrictions exist. On all products excluding Cimarron Forefront and Milestone wait 7-14 days to harvest or graze according to the label.
  5. Custom applications of pesticides are available as well as rental of sprayers. Growmark FS, Chemgro, Jeff Bomgardener, Ag Land Crop Protection( Jesse Anspach), Alger Farms.
  6. For small Parcels a 4 gallon back pak sprayer (@70 bucks) with a small 2 nozzle boom will work well.
Fertility with no soil test
  1. Lime (put it on anytime)@every three years or when soil test recommends it.
    1. Use 2 tons per acre of lime if no lime applied within three years. Most dealers require to spread a full truck load (14tons)so one may need to coordinate with neighbors to fill out a load.
      1. Otherwise soil test and apply accordingly
  2. Fertilization. The fall spring, and summer programs, will meet the removal rate of animals or harvest but will not build soil reserves.        
    Fall Fertilizer (Try to time to a rain event
  1. Use actual analysis of 70-30-100
    1. Option 1
      1. Source using ½ half N in urea and ½ N as Ammonium Sulfate
      2. Use MAP 11-52-0 for phosphorus
      3. Use Muriate of Potash 0-0-60
    2. Option 2
      1. Use 400 lbs /acre of 1-1-1(15-15-15 OR 20-20-20)
      2. Use 350 lbs/acre of 2-1-1(20-10-10)
    Spring Fertilizer applied after first graze or cut
  1. Use actual of 50-30-100 same as fall process
    1. Option 1 same as fall
    2. Option 2 Use 300 lbs per acre of 1-1-1(20-20-20) as in fall
    Summer Fertilizer Optional
  1. Apply Actual 50-0-0 after each grazing or cutting as growth is needed avoid summer slump time to push grass.
  2. If access to tractor order a buggy with the above analysis from
    1. Farm Service (Richland)(866-5205), Hydro Kirby(Richland)(866-5701), Umbergers(Fontana 861-5161), Chemgro
  3. If no access to tractor or truck order a Amish type buggy and pull with a truck.
  4. Notes: Ask the fertilizer dealer to set the buggy spreader at half the rate and then proceed to spread the pasture or hay field in two directions so that skips will not show up later
  5. On small parcels 1-3 acres use a turf spreader to apply bagged fertilizer.

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