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22 September 2011

How to crop destruct flooded fields?

With the recent FDA move to not allow crops in the flooded areas to be harvested and the fact that a total loss claim with crop insurance requires the destruction of the crop a new challenge has emerged in how to effectively destroy the crop and set up for next spring planting.   There are a number of methods to destroy the crop.
  1. Burning.  Oddly enough this is an option and there are clear methods in how to do this.  Burning will require the crop to be dried down into winter and then a controlled burn could be set. While this practice is common in the west most growers do not utilize this method. For more information contact your local fire department. For resource read this publication  http://www.noble.org/Ag/Wildlife/prescribedburn/Index.htm
  2. Chopping the crop and leaving it lay to dry. This method is great however it will require some secondary tillage to spread the residue evenly and ensure good even cover for spring planting of crops using no till methods. 
  3. Brush hogging the crop down and then discing might be another method employed. In most cases with this method numerous passes might be required depending on how heavy the crop is in the field.
  4. Since there will be seeds buried plan on volunteer corn and beans in the next seasons crops.  It is a good idea to rotate the corn this fall into soybeans in the spring so that a fatty acid type herbicide (Fusilade, Select, Poast)can be used to eliminate the volunteer corn. Like wise with soybeans rotating to corn will allow a phenoxy herbicide to be added to the glyphosate to eliminate that concern.
Whatever method is utilized the goal is the same to reduce the residue to a level that no till planters may operate in. This does not need to be a complete elimination of the surface residue.
Finally consider the use of cover crops this fall to allow for root growth into the flooded soils and revive microbes and create some stability in the soil.

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