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02 May 2011

N Uptake in Wheat

Del Voight - Senior Extension Agent- Penn State Extension - Crop Management Team.

The question right now is how late  is too late to put additional N on wheat? How Much?
Wheat takes much of its N up after GS 6.   Most N is then assimilated somewhere shortly after heading or GS 10.  As long as the N that goes on is available immediately such as in the nitrate form or a form that quickly changes in the soil it will assist in maintaining yields.

How much depends on alot of factors.  The growers I talked to  had put 100 lbs on at planting. If we assume a 25% loss of the N due to leaching then perhaps an additional 25 units of N would need to be applied prior to GS 10. 
Talking to another grower who has not applied any N to date then perhaps a full shot of the N is required.  To lower the yield expectation might be prudent particularly if the wheat is yellow in appearance.  There fore if one expects 80 bu/acre an additional 80 lbs of N should be considered.  As far as form since there is sensitive tissue on the plants now I would recommend a dry formulation that would avoid any hindering of the plant leaves ability to absorb sunshine.  This is of great importance with the flag leaf showing.

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