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12 April 2011

No Till and Cover Crop Field Walk

Del Voight - Penn State Extension - Crop Management
As part of a RC and D program we are offering a series of No till field walks.
Flyer:  No Till Cover Field Walks
Handouts: There will be some resources handed out for your references in the future.
It is always great to get out into the field and view these cover crops as well as get seasonal updates as to crop progress and pest progression.  We have I think a great line up for "kicking the tire". We will start at Bruce Lights farm he uses oats traditionally as a method of holding soil and N and providing some suppression of winter annuals.But has several test mixes that he planted in small blocks to determine what might work better than his oat cover. That same day in the afternoon, Abner Stoltsfus has several cover crops planted that he uses for forage production. To name a few two varieties of Speltz, Arostook rye, clover, winter peas and many others will be viewed.  Later on we will visit No Till Advisor Randy Ziegler who has been no tilling for years and terminating cover crops later than the early spring timing.  Finally we will have a mid season update and no till field walk and Darren Grumbines a heavy soil high yield farm using No Till techniques to produce in excess of 250bu/acre corn. 

I look forward to seeing you at these events.

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