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08 April 2011

Fall Applied Control for Downy Brome Is it a failure?

 Downy Brome in wheat. Did herbicide do its job?
I was asked by  a custom applicator to inspect  a field for a strange grass.  I took the following pictures in the fall at the time I visited the field.  I consulted with Bill Curran and came up with the option to see what Power Flex could do to see its performance.  Jen Clark provided some product.  It was applied in Mid November.  I came back to the field in April due to a concern from the grower that is regrowing and the product did not work.  The second set of photo's represent what I found this spring.  It will need to be sprayed for broadleaf weeds however I think there is not enough brome to warrant treatment. Since this field was fallow and the competition was great from repeat reseeding of the weed a 90% control by the product still would leave this many clumps and perhaps an application along with a residual for downy would have completely kept the field clean.

downy brome

downy brome with small hairs on stem

Fall Field shot of infestation

Within row competition from down brome

Growth of downy brome large and very small seedlings mixed together

Fall Time near road.  1 week before application of Power Flex
Spring Photo of new seedlings of broadleaves
Additional broadleaves but little to no downy brome.
Clean field of brome however the broadleaves will need to be controlled.
Clumps of brome can be found in a couple of spots.

Spring Shot standing is same location devoid of downy brome from fall in field.

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